Meet Jennifer

My Story

Hi,  I'm Jennifer Higgins, Founder and President of Get Yourself Coaching and at 50 years old, I figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up. My hope it to help you do that long before you’re my age – here’s my story.

I grew up in Massachusetts, Rockport to be exact, graduating from high school in 1978 in the top 10% of my class. I wanted to be a vet, so my first college classes were all math and science and while I loved biology and physiology, a semester of chemistry and upper level math was all I needed to experience to know that I wasn’t going to survive 4 years of that! As it happens, I ran out of money and so I couldn’t return to the University of Colorado at Boulder after Christmas break, and had to work for the winter semester. I started back up at UMass/Amherst in the fall of 1979. Luckily, being an audio learner, I was good at Spanish, so that became my major, not really by choice, but by default. I did well at UMass, spent a year in Spain (Sevilla) as part of my degree and graduated in 4 years, Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Spanish. I even got a 4.0 one semester.

I worked three jobs when I got out, continuing to waitress (which I had done since I was 12), working part-time at a bed & breakfast, and teaching middle school Spanish part time. I was working so many hours, I didn’t have time to spend money! At about 24 I got a job with Chubb Insurance and worked there for 10 years in Boston and Baltimore. During that time, I got married and had my son and daughter. We moved to Florida in 1997 and have been here ever since.  

I’ve worked 4 other jobs since Chubb, all corporate America type jobs.  All along, I didn’t feel fulfilled in my work. It helped pay the bills, and I didn’t hate every job, but none of them made me feel like I was doing what I was meant to do. 

Then, in 2008, I got certified in coaching and started to find ways to help people understand themselves and I began to feel that fulfillment that had been missing from my work. In 2011, I discovered True Colors temperament typing when I did a team-building exercise for my daughter’s soccer team, and knew that I had found something that was going to help me help people understand themselves and others, like nothing else I had ever experienced. As a mother of two, I knew that I wanted to help children and families understand each other so that they can have better, more positive and healthy relationships. As my kids graduated from high school and went onto college, I could see how kids that age struggled to figure out what to major in and ultimately what they wanted to do when they grew up. Since I had finally figured that out in my 50’s, I wanted to see if I could use what I’d learned to help high school and college age kids do that many years earlier. In 2018, I became certified in Inner Heroes which is based on True Colors methodology, and as part of that training, learned how it has been used for 25 years in the California Community College system to help students declare a major.